ApisCP is comprised of several components. Any component under vendor/ is copyright the respective author. All software that is modified under GPL is available under https://github.com/apisnetworks. (opens new window)

Code under different locations has different licenses:

  • lib/modules
    • Artistic 2.0
  • lib/HTTP
    • BSD
  • lib/Util/Process
    • MIT
  • resources/playbooks
    • MIT
  • build/bootstrap/apnscp-bootstrap-jdk
    • MIT
  • build/bootstrap/apnscp-bootstrap-sdk
    • MIT
  • ApisCP root (apnscp/)
    • ApisCP Proprietary License (refer to LICENSE)

All unlicensed content is assumed to be licensed under ApisCP's (a/k/a "apnscp") proprietary license unless specified.