# Conventions

Multiple components of ApisCP are referenced with different markup.

  • [section] => option: config.ini settings
  • Class\Subclass: typically in changelogs, provides visibility of at least two levels corresponding to class
  • group.name: configuration scopes
  • service,value: service configuration (e.g. siteinfo,email)
  • role/subrole: Bootstrapper (opens new window) tasks, correspond to roles/ directory
  • module: typically in changelogs (italicized outside), module name (lib/modules)
  • Word Word: applications within ApisCP's front-end (apps/, see lib/Template/ for name => directory mapping)
  • siteXX: site identifier. See DEBUGGING.md for information on determining this value
  • siteXX/path (also siteXX/fst/path): refers to account root in /home/virtual/siteXX/fst/path
  • siteXX/shadow/path: similar to account root, but refers to data-only layer in /home/virtual/siteXX/shadow/path
  • siteXX/info/path: account metadata location, refers to /home/virtual/siteXX/info/path

Code snippets omit leading markup for condensed . Shell scripts omit shebang (opens new window) (#!/bin/sh). PHP scripts omit opening tag (opens new window), <?php. HTML snippets ignore formal DOM structure (opens new window).