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Getting started

An brief history of apnscp, how to download it, and use it.

What is apnscp

apnscp is a control panel + platform produced by Apis Networks since 2003 that provides high performance, integrated security, and multi-tenant isolation.

What are some features of apnscp?

  • apnscp is built on PHP7, which means it’s fast, very fast. Further, apnscp integrates a few Laravel fixins, including Blade templates and several helpers that users familiar with Laravel or even PHP, will value in its ease of extendibility.
  • apnscp is agent-less and designed to run on your server without requiring calling home to carry out tasks.
  • apnscp bundles account isolation and resource enforcement.
  • apnscp provides any-version Node, Python, and Ruby that are isolated to an account. This allows multiple users to run multiple versions without interfering with others.

Is apnscp stable?

apnscp has been continuously in development and actively in use with our clients, encompassing beyond 15,000, since 2003. Our hosting subsidiary serves as a test bed for early features with consistent monitoring to ensure releases, once tagged and bundled for release, are stable too.

Having an active hosting business also affords a 360° view of active threats and emerging patterns that can in turn be incorporated into the panel. For example, mod_evasive and its subsequent patches were integrated into the platform as a response to curtail brute-force attempts witnessed on production servers.

apnscp is designed first to run on our production servers. Code is covered by unit tests and unit tests are covered by predictable input.

How can I add apps/modules?

See Programming Guide.

How can I help?

Several parts of apnscp are built on permissive licenses. Modules are bundled under the Artistic License, Process, Error Reporter, and CSS are MIT-based. Fork, change, and submit a pull request through GitHub. If you want to request an improvement or find an issue in the core library, open an issue in the tracker.

How can I get help?

There are two ways to get support. You can use free community support through the community forums. We also provide expedited commercial support with up to a 15-minute turnaround time.